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Some Ideas For Your First FUNraiser


There are always other FUN ways to RAISE money! How about having different missions like:

  • Whole Office Dancing
  • Showcase your personal talent e.g. 50 Karate Kicks
  • Dress up as Elvis for work
  • Grow a mustache for a month

Need financial help to set a personal goal like losing weight? Fixing a vintage muscle car?

  • Have your friends pledge healthy meals to you
  • Do a "Donut" with your hot rod
  • Visit where your Great-Grand Mother once lived
  • Volunteer at a local Non-Profit
To Someone

Need support for special occasions like Honey Moon, Birthday Party, or Climbing Mount Everest?

  • Custom-made special Pinata
  • Bring small bottles of sand from that special beach from your honeymoon
  • Drink the biggest stein of beer
  • Hang a "Prayer Flag" in the Himalayas

Support for special needs like Medical Costs, Psychological Support, Sending Good Wishes?

  • Fold 500 Origami Cranes
  • $5 per flower for the Biggest Bouquet
  • Sing Beautiful Songs
  • Fill the Room with Crazy Balloons