Mr Joolz saves 8.5 acres of Jungle


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Naked Pillion
Status: FUNraising
£175.00 Needed
Back, Crack & Sack
Status: FUNraising
£260.00 Needed
One round with Mr Nye
Status: FUNraising
£565.01 Needed
Get waterboarded
Status: FUNraising
£790.01 Needed
Cool Earth Tattoo
Status: completed
£1,000.90 raised


The Cause

unique fundraising Cool Earth

Cool Earth

At the Adventurists we ask teams to each raise £500 for Cool Earth. To show how easy this is I've been tasked with raising £500 myself using whatever resources I have available.

Being a belligerent sort I don't have loads of friends to chuck cash at me, so I'll be using what I do have. People who would revel in my misfortune: enemies, frenemies and impartial observers who would like to see me suffer.

I'm going to undertake as many unpleasant challenges and dares as possible until my target has been reached.

How It Works

You donate to our cause and in return we do certain things, we call them "Challenges", you might enjoy.

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